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Seacourt Ltd, renowned as the world’s most sustainable printing company, entrusted us with the task of magnifying their core messages to connect more effectively with their audience. Their vision was clear – to produce a series of videos that would spotlight various facets of their business.


In crafting a strategy tailored to Seacourt’s unique identity and mission, we embarked on a journey to bring their sustainable printing prowess to life. Our initial step involved gaining a profound understanding of Seacourt’s commitment to sustainability. Through extensive research and collaboration with their team, we unearthed the heart of their eco-friendly practices. This understanding became the cornerstone upon which we built our video narratives.

Armed with a profound comprehension of Seacourt’s sustainable ethos, we meticulously planned each aspect of the filming process. From choosing locations that echoed their eco-friendly values to hand-picking visuals that encapsulated their commitment to the environment, every detail was meticulously crafted. Our post-production expertise came to the forefront as we wove together the fabric of Seacourt’s sustainability journey. Through the art of storytelling, we transformed their core messages into a series of captivating videos. Each video offered a unique perspective, showcasing Seacourt’s dedication to environmental stewardship and excellence in the printing industry.



Enhanced Brand Visibility

By strategically uploading the video outputs to various platforms, including social media, Seacourt significantly expanded their online presence. The videos acted as powerful magnets, drawing in a wider audience and fostering engagement with their sustainable mission.

Educating and Inspiring

The videos became an educational tool, enlightening the audience about the importance of sustainability in the printing sector. Moreover, they served as a source of inspiration, encouraging other businesses to follow Seacourt's lead in adopting eco-friendly practices.

Email Campaign Content

As the foundation for their email campaigns, our videos helped their communication strategy by offering a visually compelling way to communicate Seacourt's values directly to their target audience.

“The videos are incredibly valuable; we're going to use them on our social media and website to illuminate the ground-breaking work that we're doing. I would absolutely recommend MOTION3 if you're looking for video production services. The team is fantastic and incredibly knowledgeable. But most of all, they are a pleasure to work with.”

Gareth DinnageOwner - Seacourt Ltd


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