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OxLEP Skills approached us to help them deliver the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2022 virtually due to Covid restrictions.

We worked closely with the team throughout the planning and production stages which ensured the live-stream event was a big success.


To ensure the success of the virtual event, we took a consultative approach with OxLEP and provided expert advice on various aspects of the project. We advised them to embed the stream on their website to drive traffic to their pages, which helped increase brand visibility.

During the planning stage, we had frequent meetings with the client to understand their vision for the event. We also conducted site visits, which allowed us to assess the available space and equipment needed for the production. We filmed pre-recorded VTs with event sponsors prior to the show, which we seamlessly integrated into the live stream during the event, as well as live callers and real-time social media shout-outs.

Our team then created a comprehensive show schedule, which helped us to meticulously plan and coordinate the entire event. All of this resulted in an event that truly celebrated the apprentices across Oxfordshire and their supporting organisations.



Maximised Reach on Socials

Our virtual event was a huge success, generating 59,422 social media impressions. We also produced an engaging highlights video which helped to promote next years awards.

Increased Brand Awareness

The successful virtual event helped increase brand awareness for OxLEP and the many sponsors of this event.

Secured Future Sponsors

After the event, we harnessed all of the content created and produced a targeted video for OxLEPs campaign to secure future sponsors for the awards show.
MOTION3, Mel Ringer, Headshot

“Working with MOTION3 has been fantastic. They made the process really straightforward and easy. They made us feel confident and have been welcoming and supportive all the way through the process.”

Melanie RingerSkills Advisor, OxLEP Skills


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