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Education & Training

Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) are a non-profit educational charitable trust sponsoring schools with academy status in England. We collaborated with them to produce a live event which aimed to connect and engage pupils and staff from the diverse AET community.

The live event captivated an audience of 33,000 students and teachers from across the UK, showcasing a dynamic spectacle of 58 pre-recorded segments, personal messages from 7 celebrities, and 10 live links to academies nationwide, all masterfully hosted by the dynamic television presenting duo, Sam and Mark.


Motion Graphics

In enhancing the live event’s visual appeal, our agency prioritised the creation of branded motion graphics. Designed to maintain brand consistency and elevate production value, these visuals seamlessly integrated with AET’s brand identity throughout the entire live event.

Live Show

The live event was hosted by the dynamic television presenting duo, Sam and Mark. To ensure a nationwide representation, we incorporated live links to 10 academies across the country. This allowed the academies to feature in the live event remotely, providing an opportunity for students and staff to interact with the presenters in real-time. These live links added an authentic and personal touch to the event.

To maintain brand consistency, we created branded motion graphics for the whole live event. These visually appealing graphics not only enhanced the overall production value but also reinforced AET’s brand identity throughout the event.



Community Engagement

The livestream successfully brought together the AET community, fostering a sense of unity and connection. The combination of pre-recorded segments, live presenters, and academy links created an immersive experience that resonated with students, staff, and stakeholders.

Brand Reinforcement

The incorporation of branded motion graphics ensured that the live event remained on brand, reinforcing AET's visual identity. This consistency contributed to a professional and cohesive viewer experience.

Memorable Moments

The inclusion of celebrity messages and live links to academies created memorable moments that resonated with the audience. These elements added a layer of excitement and exclusivity to the event.


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