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OxLEP Skills, the driving force behind skills development in Oxfordshire, enlisted our expertise for their prestigious annual event, the ‘Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2023″.

Having successfully collaborated on this event in the past, we returned to enhance its grandeur, this time hosted at the renowned Williams Racing Experience Centre.


Our multifaceted role encompassed producing captivating graphics and video content to elevate the event experience. We were tasked with creating visually engaging VTs for winner announcements, nominee recognition, and opening/closing video for the event. These VTs played seamlessly on the big screen, adding a layer of excitement and anticipation.

Additionally, we captured the event’s essence with a punchy highlights video, and, to contribute to the success of the event in the future, we crafted a persuasive promotional video aimed specifically at sponsors to encourage their buy in for next year’s event.



Enhanced Event Experience

Our graphics and VTs elevated the 'Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2023,' creating a sense of prestige and excitement during winner announcements and key moments. Attendees were immersed in the event's ambiance, enhancing their overall experience.

Memorable Event Documentation

The event highlights video served as a timeless keepsake, encapsulating the energy and joy of the evening. It not only resonated with attendees but also positioned the event as a must-attend for prospective participants and sponsors.

Future Sponsorship Success

The promotional video we crafted played a pivotal role in securing sponsors for future editions of the awards. Its compelling storytelling and demonstration of the event's impact made a compelling case for sponsor engagement and investment.
MOTION3, Mel Ringer, Headshot

“Working with MOTION3 has been fantastic. They made the process really straightforward and easy. They made us feel confident and have been welcoming and supportive all the way through the process.”

Melanie RingerSkills Advisor, OxLEP Skills


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