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Healthcare, Third Sector

Response, a mental health support charity, approached us to create an engaging explainer animation for The Mental Wealth Academy (MWA). MWA, aimed at third sector organisations, local authorities, and clinical commissioning groups, needed a fresh and youthful animation highlighting its seamless mental health support services.


We crafted the animation to align with MWA’s mission, emphasising seamless transitions to mirror the frictionless interaction MWA offered. We also focused on inclusivity and sensitivity. The animation followed Noah’s journey, conveying his need for support through social media interaction, resonating with young people who seek help online.



Awareness Boost

The animation effectively raised awareness about MWA and its mission. Its fresh appeal connected with diverse audiences, including third sector organizations, local authorities, and clinical commissioning groups, enhancing awareness about MWA's services and accessible mental health support.

Seamless Engagement

By showcasing seamless transitions and a relatable narrative, the animation conveyed MWA's mission to provide easy, frictionless support. Viewers were not only informed but also emotionally engaged, trusting MWA as a reliable source of assistance.

Inclusivity and Reach

The animation's careful attention to inclusivity expanded its reach and impact. It became a powerful tool to reach individuals in need of mental health support, strengthening MWA's position in the third sector and positioning it as a catalyst for positive change in mental health support.
MOTION3_Mental Wealth Academy

“It was brilliant to work with MOTION3 from start to finish. The team were great and very knowledgeable in their field. They were keen for our partnership to a collaborative process, which worked great in helping bring our ideas to life. They were quickly able to understand and interpret our brief whilst always presenting creative suggestions that would only further the quality of the video.

The team took a real interest in getting to know who we were and what we did as an organisation, their passion for our cause shone through. They were understanding throughout as we explored different ideas and concepts and allowed us to be as hands-on as we wanted. We were consulted throughout the process, which meant we were delighted with the finished video. It is great to be able to use a visual tool like this for promotion and marketing of the services we offer.

We’d highly recommend MOTION3's media production services; we thoroughly enjoyed the process and are pleased with the final product. We’d like to work with them again as and when the opportunity arises.”

Jack CherrillCommunications Officer and Jon Clark, Community and Participation Manager - Response


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