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B2B, Technology, Education

Designed to streamline work placements, enrichment activities, and lesson feedback, Navigate sought to communicate their platform’s efficacy to two distinct audiences: senior managers and work placement officers.


Our approach involved harnessing the authentic voices of Navigate’s own users, blending their testimonials with branded visuals of the platform in action, to underline the platform’s efficiency, time-saving benefits, and its profound impact on the organization. We also created a custom logo animation which injected some branding into the videos.



Enhancing Credibility

The videos we produced played a pivotal role in enhancing Navigate Learning's credibility within the education sector. By featuring authentic testimonials from staff members and demonstrating the platform's real-world impact, these videos became powerful tools in sales meetings. Prospective schools and colleges were not only convinced of the platform's effectiveness but also inspired to join, viewing Navigate Learning as a trusted partner in education.

Expanding Reach and Brand Awareness

Beyond sales meetings, we strategically leveraged the videos by sharing them across Navigate Learning's social media channels. This approach not only raised brand awareness but also positioned the organization as an industry leader committed to innovation and efficiency. The content resonated with a wider audience, attracting the attention of educators, administrators, and stakeholders, further solidifying Navigate Learning's presence in the education landscape.

Driving Adoption and Partnership

The impact of our videos extended beyond raising awareness; it led to tangible results in terms of platform adoption. Schools and colleges, inspired by the compelling narratives presented in the videos, eagerly embraced Navigate Learning's platform. This surge in interest translated into meaningful partnerships, reinforcing Navigate Learning's position as a catalyst for positive change in education and fostering a network of institutions committed to efficiency and student success.


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