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We were approached by NSF International, one of our long-standing clients, to create an innovative video that would effectively communicate the features and benefits of their new product and service.

The goal was to develop a captivating video concept that showcased NSF’s expertise and motivated UK farmers to embrace the offering.


To bring NSF International’s vision to life, MOTION3’s experienced team adopted an animated explainer video approach. Given the abstract nature of the service and the lack of live-action materials, animation proved to be the ideal medium to convey the message clearly and creatively.

Through meticulous storyboarding and scriptwriting, our team distilled the complexities of the product into a motivating narrative that highlighted its key attributes and appeal to diverse audiences. By incorporating existing branding guidelines, we ensured visual consistency and utilized a combination of animation, iconography, and strategically placed live-action clips to enhance engagement and comprehension.



Increased Farmer Engagement

Our video effectively resonated with UK farmers, compelling them to embrace NSF International's product and service. By telling a motivating story and presenting the offering as a live, tangible solution rather than a conceptual idea, the video encouraged farmers to connect with the brand on an emotional level, fostering a sense of buy-in and trust.

Clear and Simplified Communication

By distilling the main concepts into visually engaging diagrams and motifs, the video provided a concise and informative overview. The use of professional voice-over narration, sound design, and attention-grabbing visuals ensured that the message was conveyed quickly and clearly to a wide range of audiences.

Strengthened Brand Image

Our video was showcased at the NSF Annual Conference at the British Library. MOTION3 helped to reinforce NSF's position as an innovative industry leader, leaving a lasting impression and solidifying their reputation within the food supply chain industry.


“The team was quick to grasp a complex brief and brought with them an intelligent understanding of what was required. They understood our budget constraints and offered examples of illustrative approaches that would best fit our purpose. They were constantly on hand throughout the process and quick to respond to queries as we developed the script and storyboard together, with endless patience for the necessary corporate approvals and changes that were required. The team has filmed and edited excerpts of our annual conference for five years now, bringing fresh ideas each time. The video was the first introduction to our new service at the 2109 conference and as such was the highlight of the day, impressing the audience with our innovation and explaining the service in simple and graphic terms. The team bend over backwards to make sure the client is happy, and we highly recommend them.”

Chris SlackSenior Marketing Manager


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