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Like many agencies, we have always been very aware of the values and ethics of the organisations we work with. A large part of our ethos is doing good and being part of a positive change.

You might have heard us talking a lot about Seacourt recently…we’ve been doing various projects with them including ‘sustainability shorts’ and marketing videos, but what really makes us excited is their approach to ‘Planet Positive Printing’.

Working on this series, and getting to know the team, the processes and everything behind… drum roll, please… THE HIGHEST SCORING B CORP PRINTING COMPANY IN THE WORLD… is one of the most value-driven and passionate projects we have worked on.

MOTION3 Video Agency_Planet Positive Printing with Seacourt

In 1997 they started their journey towards planet-positive printing and converted to 100% waterless printing. This revolutionary approach saves the equivalent of 2,258 showers a year. They even have worms to dispose of their waste so that nothing goes to landfills!

In addition, Seacourt was one of the very first printing firms to achieve EMAS certification in 1999. Since then they have gone on to win three Queen’s Awards for Sustainable Development and in 2017 were crowned Europe’s most sustainable SME.

So you can see why we’ve been so excited about working with them! Creating highlights videos, explainer shots and conveying crucial messages is our bread and butter, so it was a perfect fit for us.

We are thrilled with the outcomes and have loved working on every part of these projects. We can highly recommend Seacourt if you’re looking for a printer, and obviously, we think we’re pretty good at what we do too….so get in touch for a chat about your next project.