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We partnered with tonies® to celebrate their new partnership with Hamleys Toy Store. tonies® hosted an exclusive launch event in their flagship London store. The guest list was a mix of young families and influencers, so the event was an exciting opportunity to generate valuable social media content and brand awareness.


We jumped at the opportunity to work with influencer, Giovanna Fletcher, on a product ad that would speak directly to her millions of followers.

We understand that highly polished and overly produced content just doesn’t cut it on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, where users are seeking out genuine connections with their favourite creators. So, we produced a video that was tailored specifically to these platforms, with a tone and quality that felt natural and authentic, like something Giovanna would create herself.

Our team was on hand to capture all the action during the launch event, from the eager crowds to the colourful displays, and the end result was a dynamic and exciting piece that perfectly captured the spirit of the event.



Maximising Reach on Socials

Our content was seen by over 350K people on Instagram. And tonies® were able to connect with their target audience in a way that felt organic and relatable, ultimately maximizing reach and engagement.

Increased Brand Awareness

Through their partnership with Giovanna Fletcher, exclusive launch event, and engaging social media content, tonies® was able to significantly increase brand awareness and establish themselves as a trusted and exciting brand in the eyes of their target audience.
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“MOTION3's team brought a fun and creative energy to the project that was infectious. Not only were they dedicated to the campaign's success, but they also went above and beyond to over-deliver on our expectations. MOTION3's commitment to excellence and their innovative approach make them a top choice for any creative video project.”

Pinky LaingPartnership & PR Manager UK, tonies®


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