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In the world of marketing, brand guidelines are a well-known essential for crafting a cohesive and memorable brand identity. However, when it comes to the dynamic medium of video, many marketers have yet to embrace the power of video-specific brand guidelines.

Crafting a brand image takes time and meticulous effort, but it can all unravel in an instant if your video content is not thoughtfully aligned with your brand’s character. Fortunately, the remedy is readily available at MOTION3: the creation of tailored video brand guidelines. These guidelines are the key to preserving your brand’s integrity and ensuring that your video content becomes a compelling asset rather than a potential liability.

In this blog post, we’ll explain how these guidelines can impact elevate your brand’s impact, and why they are essential for any business.

What are video brand guidelines?

Video Brand Guidelines are the compass that keeps your visual storytelling on course. They are a set of creative and technical principles that guide the creation and use of video content in a way that maintains consistency across your brand. These guidelines encompass a wide array of elements, from how your logo appears on screen to the music that accompanies your visuals.

Here are some important elements of video brand guidelines

Logo Animation

Logo animations infuse life into your brand identity, making it memorable and dynamic. From a subtle transition to an eye-catching motion graphic, a well-crafted logo animation creates an unforgettable impression.

Filming & Editing Style

Your brand should tell a consistent story through every video. This involves a distinct filming and editing style that matches your brand’s personality. Whether it’s cinematic storytelling, documentary-style rawness, or vibrant animations, a defined style ensures your brand is instantly recognisable.

Lower Thirds & Transitions

Lower thirds, those unobtrusive text overlays, and smooth transitions are the unsung heroes of video branding. They provide information and guide your audience seamlessly from one scene to another, reinforcing your brand identity without overwhelming the viewer.

Music/Sonic Branding

Every brand has a sound, a sonic identity that speaks to its audience. The right music and sound effects act as an emotional bridge, making your videos more engaging and relatable. Sonic branding is the secret sauce that lingers in the viewer’s memory.

Artistic and strategic consistency

Consistency isn’t about dull repetition; it’s about maintaining a constant narrative, look, and feel. Whether you operate in healthcare, tech, or events, your audience should feel like they’re engaging with your brand’s unique voice, no matter which video they’re watching.

Inconsistent Video Branding

Without these essential guidelines, brands face challenges in keeping their brand image both consistent and impactful. Logo animations differ from video to video, and filming and editing styles could wander off course – leaving your audience guessing. Lower thirds, transitions, and music may lack the cohesion that ensures your videos are immediately recognisable – something absolutely essential for marketing success.

In a world overflowing with content, video brand guidelines step in as your behind-the-scenes toolkit, weaving a consistent and memorable brand story that not only grabs attention but also delivers real results.


The video below is a short compilation showcasing branding elements used in video content.


At MOTION3, we specialise in crafting immersive and impactful video experiences that effortlessly elevate your brand. Feel free to reach out to us and let’s chat about how video brand guidelines can transform your brand’s narrative. Your brand’s unique journey deserves nothing less than the best.

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