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Do you have a library of content that you’ve created and posted and are not sure how to repurpose it from there? There are so many options for getting the most out of your content and maximising the ROI on all your hard work.

What does it mean to repurpose content? 

When you create content, you are normally focused on creating it with one platform or audience in mind. But, have you considered reusing the content on another platform?

Here’s an example:

  • You write a blog post for your website and post it
  • You share the link on social and in an email campaign
  • Job done

BUT that blog post is a goldmine of content. You could take the basics of the blog and create even more content such as:

  • Short explainer video for social
  • Longer form video for YouTube/your website
  • Use it as the basis for a podcast episode
  • Use it as a starting point for a white paper or downloadable eBook for your website.

There are other options too. You might spend time creating videos for specific social channels, but then don’t resize and edit the messaging for the other platforms. Have you considered how a grid post for Instagram might translate into a reel or story to gain even greater reach and engagement?

What should I do to make sure I get the most out of my content? 

When you start your content planning, add a section for how the content can be reused. Make sure you’re thinking about how else the content could be used right from the offset.

When we look at our client’s websites we often see so much great content that could be reused as showcase videos, highlights, short behind the scenes snippets etc.

If you’re also in the planning process for a video (be that an event video, product shoot, branding exercise etc), also consider how the b-roll and behind the scenes shots could be used on social media.

When you stop and think about it, creating just one piece of content actually creates so many opportunities for reusing the content!

How we can help…

Well, if you choose to work with us we’ll have planning meetings and briefings, and in those meetings, we will discuss and come up with great ideas for how you can reuse your content.

One example we have is the OxLEP Apprenticeship Awards. We run the live stream of the event on the day, but the content that we (and the OxLEP team) capture on the day is also then used for:

  • Highlights video
  • Social media content (for both us and the OxLEP team) on the day of the event and for weeks, months and years afterwards
  • Testimonial videos
  • Promotional videos

…and more!

Not only does reusing your content mean you have lots of great content from one bit of work, it also means you can get great value for money from every piece that you do.