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Oxera, a prominent economic consultancy organisation, approached MOTION3 with a unique challenge: the launch of their internal initiative known as the “Client Charter.” This initiative aimed to reinforce the core values that define how Oxera treats its clients. It was designed for Oxera staff, serving as an internal beacon of guidance.

When Oxera first approached us, they had a vision for the Client Charter but needed our expertise to bring it to life. They recognised the importance of the initiative but needed assistance in refining their messaging and translating their ideas into a compelling visual project. This is where our strategic partnership came into play.


We initiated a series of consultations and collaborative discussions with Oxera. By working closely with their team, we helped them translate the core messaging of the Client Charter into a compelling branded video campaign.

Our motion graphics team worked diligently to transform the Client Charter’s core principles into visually appealing animations. This added a layer of dynamism to the initiative, making it more accessible and engaging for the Oxera team.

To provide a personal touch, we conducted interviews with Oxera staff members. Their insights and testimonials were seamlessly integrated into the project, adding authenticity and relatability to the initiative. Hearing from their colleagues reinforced the message’s credibility and resonance.



Aligned Company Culture

By refining the messaging and creating engaging visual content, the Client Charter has become an integral part of Oxera's culture. The core values embedded in the initiative are now more deeply ingrained in the day-to-day operations of the company. This alignment has fostered a stronger sense of unity and shared purpose among the staff.

Improved Productivity

The engaging content we created has not only reinforced Oxera's core values but has also had a positive impact on productivity. Staff members are more motivated and committed to upholding the principles of the Client Charter, which, in turn, has led to increased efficiency and effectiveness in client interactions and project execution.


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