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Education, Healthcare, B2B

MultiM3d, a groundbreaking platform catering to healthcare professionals’ continuous learning needs, approached us with a vision akin to “Netflix for Healthcare Professionals”.

To prepare for their much-anticipated launch, they asked us to create two captivating animations: a persuasive sales video aimed at Pharmaceutical companies and an informative platform user demo designed to engage and educate registered healthcare professionals.


For MultiM3d’s sales video, we understood the need for a compelling narrative and visually stunning content to sway Pharmaceutical companies. We collaborated closely with MultiM3d to craft a storyline that succinctly communicated the platform’s unique value proposition. The animation seamlessly blended sophisticated graphics with clear, concise messaging, tailored to resonate with potential buyers.

Recognising the importance of user-friendliness in platform adoption, we tackled the platform demo animation with equal vigor. Our team meticulously visualized the user journey and presented it through a user-friendly, intuitive interface. This animation aimed to empower healthcare professionals to navigate the platform seamlessly, ensuring they could harness its full potential for their continuous learning.

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“Working with MOTION3 has been an absolute pleasure. We partnered with them for our demo videos, and I can't emphasise enough how personal and professional the experience was. Chris and the team not only brought our vision to life but also elevated it with their creative expertise.

Their meticulous approach to storyboarding and crafting a strong visual identity resulted in eye-catching visuals that perfectly captured our message. What sets MOTION3 apart is their commitment to understanding our proposition. They took the time to dive into our goals and objectives, and it showed in the final product.

The main reason I keep coming back to MOTION3 is that they consistently deliver the highest quality work with the utmost professionalism. If you're seeking a partner who not only listens but truly 'gets' your brand and message, look no further!”

Leigh HopeCo-Founder, MultiM3d


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