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MOTION3 partnered with the esteemed London Business School to create a hero film for their transformative course, ‘HR Strategy in Transforming Organisations.’ Despite London Business School traditionally handling content production internally, they sought our expertise to offer a fresh perspective, infusing the video with bespoke animations and motion graphics aligned with their brand elements.


The ‘HR Strategy in Transforming Organisations’ (HRST) course is a week-long programme offering invaluable insights and training from industry leaders, empowering HR teams with the vision and skills needed for organisational transformation. Participants travelled globally to engage in the programme. Over two intensive days, we adopted a discreet ‘fly on the wall’ filming style to capture authentic moments without disrupting the learning process. Ad-hoc interviews between sessions added a spontaneous and genuine dimension.

To ensure a controlled filming environment, we utilised the green screen studio at London Business School for a narrative piece led by programme leader, Lynda Gratton. This talking head segment provided a cohesive thread throughout the hero film. Additionally, we filmed diverse B-roll clips around the campus, strategically overlaying them to enrich the overall visual narrative.



Global Engagement

The hero film effectively conveyed the immersive and global nature of the HRST programme, attracting a broader audience and encouraging international participation in subsequent courses.

Authentic Representation

The 'fly on the wall' filming style and ad-hoc interviews captured authentic interactions, providing a genuine portrayal of the course's dynamic and enriching learning environment.

Brand Alignment

The incorporation of bespoke animations and motion graphics not only elevated the visual appeal but also ensured alignment with the London Business School's brand. This not only reinforced brand recognition but also positioned the HRST programme as a cutting-edge offering in the education and business sectors.
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“MOTION3 have exceeded our expectations. From the very beginning, their team was incredibly professional and attentive to our needs. They worked with us on our script, providing valuable input and direction that helped us achieve our goals more effectively. The editing was masterful, and MOTION3 took on board our feedback while also incorporating their own creative solutions to make the video truly shine. They also created incredible motion graphics that really took the video to the next level.”

Ilie ZubascuSenior Production Manager, London Business School


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